Monday 4th April 

Ok I haven’t been doing my blog and someone has asked me in the hopes it gets me back on plan properly. I’ve gained a fair bit and it’s all my own fault. I’ve been eating far too much and I probably would have gained a lot more if it wasn’t for doing my Zumba! So here goes with a fresh start today (I ended up over Syns after an argument with a neighbour last night. 

Having a green day. For those of you that are new to slimming world they now do extra easy. My consultant lost ten stone doing this and no exercise so there’s no excuses!! I like to alternate to allow for extra healthy a and b lol. I will put the sun values of things I eat so you know what you can eat. Fruit, veg, salad, meat, potatoes, pasta, rice and most fish are free so you fill up on those. If this interests you then you’d be better to join a group. Have the new member talk and stay to image therapy where you will get lots of support and also ideas 

Healthy a  – 350 ml skimmed milk and 30g cheese

Healthy b – 2 x hifi bars and 60g great white bread 

Breakfast – honeydew melon and a chocolate orange hifi bar (3 Syns this one is as well as my two for healthy b)

Lunch – 1 x toast (3.5 Syns this was a hovis soft white medium slice) with two fried eggs (1 syn) 

Dinner – chips, 2 x fried eggs (1 syn) two bread (adding two Syns as I’m not cutting it down to 60g) and cheese (my healthy a) 

Options choco latte (2 Syns) and another hifi bar (3 Syns) 

You clever mathematicians will see this is 15.5 Syns and I’m only allowed 15  so I may just have to chop my bread down lol. I want to have a good week on plan. One of my cousins is getting married on 30th April so I want to stick at this properly xx


Sunday 6th September 

lets just say I’m writing today off. I’ve really got the munchies and have gone mad. I’m not giant to add up the syns as in too tired but it must be very high (I will do it later) 

It started off well with the breakfast casserole that had been cooking all night. I woke about 3 am and the smell was wafting up the stairs!! I can’t face breakfast (unless it’s McDonald’s) too early so it was after 9 before we had it. It was ok but I probably wouldn’t make it again. I had my milk for healthy a and 2 hifi lights girl healthy b but then it all went badly wrong. 

I’ve had anither four hifi bars on top of my healthy extras, lunch was two pieces of white bread with two Fried eggs. We popped in to town and bought some magnum from Iceland as they were reduced. They were the dark expresso ones and Barry wasn’t keen so I had two!! 

Dinner was roast – yeah on a hot day like today!! He likes his roast dinner on a Sunday!! I had cauliflower cheese that was not slimming world friendly. Then just fir the hell of it I had a packet of French fries!! 

At a rough guess it’s about 52 syns so its fair to say I’ve had too many – again!! We are out on Tuesday and have said we will try and have four low syn days around the day out!! Fingers crossed x


Saturday 5th September 

sitting here feeling stuffed after way over eating today.  I’ve not done this for a while and not sure why it’s happened today! Still, it’s done and we are going to be preparing the slimming world breakfast casserole in a bit for tomorrow. It sounds really nice. Barry found it on the website last night so we’ve bought the ingredients. You cook it overnight in a slow cooker and it’s ready for breakfast in the morning!! Syn free 😀

I’ve a feeling I will have a pretty restless night due to my over indulging and it will remind me why I’ve stopped being so bad on a Saturday!! X


Saturday 5th September 

our lovely consultant and his wife gave gone on a holiday so today we had a different consultant. I like this consultant but it’s not kick 😁 he makes everyone feel ok about how they’ve done, jokes with you (fair enough this lady doesn’t know us) but he is so motivating. I love Saturday mornings as do most if our group but today just wasn’t the same. 

As always I had my breakfast and two mugs (tea and coffee) before I went to weigh in. 

I was shocked to see I had lost a pound this week!! I need to stop messing around and do this properly. We are out Tuesday going to Windsor for the day and I will be off plan but I’m going to be good tomorrow and the rest of the week! 

 I have had 4 hifi bars, two pieces of crusty bread, 1.5 cheese twists and a doughnut so far today! We are off for a walk now. Until later x


Friday 4th September 

had a very bad day. We went out just before lunch, something I don’t like doing! Ended up eating so much. I kept cursing myself for doing it the day before Weigh in! It wouldn’t have been do bad if the rest of the week had been on plan but with the exception of Wednesday I went over my syns all the time!! 

Extra easy 

Healthy a – melon and hifi light (3 syns) 

Lunch – walkers French fries (4 syns) Cadbury chocolate (12 syns) latte (6 syns) fish and chips (small chip shop portion) (25?) 

Dinner – 3 x crumpets with butter (25 syns) 

Total 75 syns 😁 


Thursday 3rd September 

I’m a couple of days behind as we’ve been busy again.  Had Zumba again tonight and did I feel it on my legs!! You come away really feeling like you’ve worked hard but enjoy it so much which is why everyone keeps going back!! 

Red day 

Healthy a – 350 ml skimmed milk

Healthy b – 2 x hifi light and 60g great white bread 

Breakfast – melon and hifi light (3 syns) 

Lunch – 2 x bread (heb plus 2 syns) mackerel 

Dinner – chicken, gammon, salad, mayo (half syn) 

Packet crisps (6 syns) half a Yorkie (6 syns) 

Total 17.5 syns 


Wednesday 2nd September 

after a week of no Zumba and toning because our instructor wanted to spend time with her lovely family, I had my first Zumba fix this morning. Omg did I feel it!! I swear those toning sticks weigh more than 1.5lb each lol! My legs ached from the Argentinian tango too but it was soooo good to be back at it! 

Had a red day today 

Healthy a – 350 ml skimmed milk and 30g cheese

Healthy b – 60g great white and 2 x hifi light

Breakfast – honeydew melon

Lunch – crab sticks, hifi light (3 syns)

Dinner – bread (2 syns) 2 x fried egg (1 syn) 2 x ww sausages (1 syn) tomatoes and mushrooms 

Strawberry and vanilla terrine (1 syn) 

Orange options x 2 (3 syns) 

Total 11 syns 😀😀